A Comprehensive Guide to Golf Cart Cleaning Tips


Golf carts have transcended their role as mere tools for navigating the golf course; they’ve become symbols of convenience and eco-friendliness. As essential companions for avid golfers, maintaining these vehicles goes beyond functionality.

It’s about preserving their longevity and ensuring optimal performance. In this extensive guide, we will delve into an array of effective cleaning tips specifically tailored for two of the most popular golf cart brands, Club Car and Yamaha.

Going beyond the basics, we’ll explore advanced techniques such as polishing plastic surfaces, rejuvenating plastic windows, eradicating scratches from golf cart windshields, and an unexpected yet effective touch, using Lemon Pledge on plexiglass.

Club Car Golf Cart Cleaning Tips

Club Car, renowned for its durability and performance, deserves meticulous care. Elevate your cleaning routine with these comprehensive tips.

Exterior Cleaning

Initiate the cleaning process by thoroughly rinsing the exterior with water to dislodge loose dirt and debris. Utilize a mild detergent or a specially formulated golf cart cleaning solution to meticulously cleanse the body, paying extra attention to wheel wells and undercarriage areas.

Wheels and Tires

Go beyond the basics by focusing on the wheels and tires. Use a suitable cleaner to eliminate stubborn brake dust and grime.
Employ a soft brush for scrubbing tire sidewalls and a microfiber cloth for intricate cleaning of the wheels.

Battery Maintenance

Dive into the details by inspecting the battery terminals for corrosion. A mixture of baking soda and water is a potent cleaning solution. Ensure the battery is not just clean but fully charged to optimize your Club Car’s performance on the greens.

Yamaha Golf Cart Cleaning Tips

Yamaha, celebrated for its reliability and innovative design, demands meticulous care to maintain its pristine appearance. Implement these cleaning tips to keep your Yamaha golf cart in top-notch condition:

Interior Detailing

Pay attention to the interior by commencing with a thorough vacuuming session to eliminate dust and debris from seats and floor mats. Wipe down interior surfaces with a mild cleaner, ensuring compatibility with the various materials used in the interior.

Golf Cart Canopy

Safeguard the aesthetic appeal by employing a mixture of water and mild soap to clean the canopy. Steer clear of harsh chemicals that might compromise the integrity of the canopy material.

Unique Features

Yamaha carts often boast unique features. Pay attention to details such as special trim or chrome accents and clean accordingly to maintain their luster.

How to Polish Golf Cart Plastic

Preserving the aesthetic allure of your golf cart involves mastering the art of plastic polishing. Here’s a detailed guide to achieving that coveted shine.

Cleaning the Plastic Surfaces

Begin the process by using a gentle plastic cleaner to eliminate accumulated dirt and grime without causing damage. Avoid abrasive cleaners that could potentially scratch the plastic surface.

Applying Plastic Polish

Enhance your plastic polishing game by investing in a high-quality plastic polish. Apply it in a circular motion for even coverage and optimal results. For textured surfaces, use a soft brush to work the polish into crevices.

How to Clean Plastic Windows on Golf Cart

Clear, unobstructed vision is crucial for a safe and enjoyable golf cart ride. Follow these detailed steps to clean the plastic windows of your golf cart:

Gentle Cleaning Solution

Craft a solution of mild soap and water, ensuring it’s gentle yet effective for cleaning plastic windows. Steer clear of ammonia-based cleaners, as they may lead to clouding or damage to the plastic.

Soft Cloth or Sponge

Choose your tools wisely, and utilize a soft cloth or sponge for the application of the cleaning solution. Employ a gentle circular motion to scrub away dirt and stains for pristine plastic windows.

Anti-Fog Treatment

Consider applying an anti-fog treatment to plastic windows to enhance visibility during adverse weather conditions. Remove Scratches from Golf Cart Windshield Don’t let scratches mar the view through your golf cart windshield. Here’s a detailed method to minimize the appearance of scratches.

Polishing Compound

Invest in a high-quality plastic windshield polishing compound designed to reduce the visibility of scratches. Engage in a patient buffing process, using circular motions until scratches are less noticeable. For deep scratches, consider seeking professional assistance or using a windshield scratch repair kit.

Preventive Measures

Once scratches are minimized, implement preventive measures such as using a windshield protector to avoid future damage. Lemon Pledge on Plexiglass For an unexpected yet effective touch, consider using Lemon Pledge on Plexiglass. This unconventional method provides a protective and shiny finish. Here’s how:

Cleaning the Plexiglass

Kickstart the process by cleaning the plexiglass with a mild detergent or a specialized plastic cleaner. Ensure the surface is free from any residual dirt or debris.

Applying Lemon Pledge

Embrace the unexpected with a spritz of Lemon Pledge on a soft cloth. Wipe the plexiglass surface in gentle circular motions for a polished finish and a refreshing lemon scent. Lemon Pledge can also act as a protective layer, repelling dust and debris.


Regular maintenance is the key to ensuring your golf cart not only performs optimally but also looks impeccable on the greens. Whether you own a Club Car or a Yamaha, incorporating these cleaning tips into your routine will contribute to the longevity and visual appeal of your golf cart.

From specialized techniques like plastic polishing and scratch removal to the unexpected brilliance of using Lemon Pledge on plexiglass, these tips cover all aspects of golf cart care. With these insights, you’ll not only be cruising the greens in style but also enjoying a well-maintained golf cart for years to come. So, gear up, implement these tips, and elevate your golf cart maintenance routine to a whole new level of excellence.

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