How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?

Golf carts, those commonly sighted electric vehicles found on golf courses, within gated communities, and at diverse recreational destinations, have earned a reputation for their practicality and environmentally friendly operation. Nevertheless, each golf cart owner eventually encounters a fundamental inquiry: “How Long Do Golf Cart Batteries Last?”

Within this detailed discourse, we will immerse ourselves in the realm of golf cart batteries, investigating their durability and the variables that influence them. We will also provide insights into critical inquiries, including the cost of battery replacement, indicators signalling the necessity for replacement, and the wisdom of keeping your golf cart perpetually connected to a power source.

Gaining Insight into the Longevity of Golf Cart Batteries

The duration of golf cart battery life holds considerable importance for individuals who own golf carts. Although the endurance of these batteries may fluctuate, a standard set of golf cart batteries generally provides service for approximately 4 to 7 years. Nevertheless, the actual lifespan of your golf cart batteries is subject to multiple variables that play a pivotal role in determining their longevity.

1.    Battery Type

Golf cart batteries have different types: flooded lead-acid, gel, and lithium-ion. Lithium-ion batteries usually last more than 7 years, while flooded lead-acid batteries last about 4 to 6 years. Gel batteries have a lifespan that falls in between the two.

2.    Maintenance

Taking good care of your batteries is important to make them last longer. You should check the water levels, clean the terminals, and make sure the batteries are fully charged regularly. If you don’t do this maintenance, it can make the batteries not last as long.

3.    Charging Habits

How you charge your golf cart batteries is important. Charging them too much or too little can make them wear out faster. To make them last longer, use a good charger and avoid extreme charging or discharging.

4.    Usage procedure  

The way one utilises your golf cart affects how long the batteries last. If you use the cart a lot and often run the batteries very low and charge them quickly, it can make the batteries wear out faster.

Environmental Conditions

Unusual weather conditions can harm the batteries. To keep the batteries in good shape, it’s important to keep your golf cart in a place with a moderate temperature and protect the batteries from extreme conditions.

What is the Cost of Replacing Golf Cart Batteries?

Replacement of golf cart batteries is a necessary cost, and the price can differ based on various factors. Typically, a full set of golf cart batteries can range from $600 to $1,000 on average. The specific cost depends on factors like the type of battery, the brand, and how many batteries you need.

1.    Battery Type

As previously mentioned, lithium-ion batteries are often pricier but come with a lengthier lifespan. On the other hand, gel and flooded lead-acid batteries are typically cheaper but don’t last as long.

2.    Brand

Established and renowned battery brands are frequently associated with a higher price point. However, selecting a well-regarded brand can offer you several advantages. Firstly, it ensures that you are investing in a product known for its quality and reliability. Secondly, it may translate into an extended battery lifespan, as reputable brands often prioritize superior manufacturing and technology, which can contribute to a longer-lasting and more dependable power source for your golf cart.

3.    Battery Size and Voltage

The total cost of battery replacement for your golf cart is also influenced by the quantity of batteries needed and the voltage specifications of your cart. When it comes to larger carts equipped with high-voltage systems, you may find that a greater number of batteries is necessary. This additional requirement is due to the higher voltage configuration, which demands more individual batteries to generate the power required for efficient operation. Consequently, understanding your golf cart’s specific battery requirements is essential in determining the complete cost of replacement.

4.    Installation

If you lack the confidence or expertise to install the batteries on your own, it’s important to consider the cost of professional installation, which may increase the total expenses.

When Should I Consider Replacing My Golf Cart Battery?

Recognizing the right time to replace your golf cart batteries is crucial in preventing unforeseen malfunctions. Various indicators can point to the necessity of battery replacement:

1.    Reduced Range

When your golf cart’s ability to travel on a single charge diminishes, it serves as a clear indication of declining batteries. Often, a reduced range is the initial noticeable symptom.

2.    Slower Speed

As your batteries wear out, you might notice a gradual reduction in your golf cart’s speed. If you observe that your cart can no longer achieve its previous top speed, it’s a signal that you should start thinking about getting new batteries.

3.    Difficulty Climbing Hills

Experiencing difficulty when trying to ascend hills that were previously manageable is a significant sign of battery deterioration! When your golf cart loses its climbing ability, it’s likely time to consider replacing the batteries.

Is It Recommended to Keep My Golf Cart Plugged In Continuously?

Continuous connection of your golf cart to the charger can affect the durability of your batteries. Here are the key factors to keep in mind:

1.    Short Run Time

Leaving your golf cart constantly connected to the charger can result in overcharging, which is detrimental to the batteries. Overcharging leads to excessive water loss and heat and it ultimately reducing the batteries’ lifespan.

2.    Smart Charger

Opting for a smart charger with an automatic shut-off function can help reduce the chances of overcharging. These advanced chargers keep a close eye on the battery’s charge level and deactivate once the battery is fully charged, effectively preventing any potential damage.

3.    Occasional Full Discharge

Periodically subjecting your golf cart batteries to a complete discharge cycle, also known as equalization, can be beneficial in warding off sulfate accumulation and preserving the overall health of the batteries.

Final Verdicts

In conclusion, the lifespan of golf cart batteries can vary due to different factors like the type of battery, how well you take care of them, how you charge them, how often you use your cart, and the environment they’re in. Knowing when it’s time to replace your batteries is important to prevent unexpected problems while driving.

Changing golf cart batteries is not easy; it costs $600 to $1000 and sometimes varies from battery to battery, brand to brand, size, voltages and adds the charges of the expert installation person in the list.

To make the lifespan of batteries longer, you need to make necessary maintenance on a regular basis or on the requirement of the mechanic.

Additionally, you don’t need to plug in the golf cart all the time, because if it happens then it will damage the health of batteries badly and it might be possible there will be a financial burden on your pocket as well.

The best and possible way to prevent this scenario is to always use the smart charger and try to make it fully discharge for better performance in the future.

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